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Everything was well coordinated and put together exceptionally well.

Nancy, New York

Over all I've attended 4 events so far and each has been fantastic. 

Debbie, North Carolina

These events are being produced and coordinated in a very professional manner by volunteers who do this out of love for their friends and fellow Bay City Roller fans.  I've attended events of other genres that were produced by paid organizers that were not even close to being as well run as these events have been.

Gail, New Jersey

They have Great Ideas! With Fun trips & events, I wish I could do them all! Love Sightseeing and bonding with people from all over the world! They have Something for everyone!

Camille, Nevada

Honestly, these events bring us together as a family, as a tribe and while it is our love of the original Bay City Rollers that brought us together it is that kinship  we formed that keeps us wanting to get together over and over again. Keep up the good work , so appreciate you all !!

Darlene, Massachusetts

Having been a Bay City Roller Fan, and a die hard Alan Longmuir fan since I was 13, I am so thankful to the dedication of the organizers of The Bay City Rollers Fan Events. Grateful for all the opportunities to attend events that celebrate Alan Longmuir and the band he created. A great deal of planning goes into the events produced by these incredible, hard working women! I wouldn’t dream of missing an event!

Kimberly, Ohio

The woman really put there blood sweat and tears in to these events to make it a wonderful time for all of us not to mention the memories will have to look back on. From what I’ve seen for my first event, it was very we’ll coordinated like I’ve said they really put there heart and soul in to it to make it such a wonderful time for all of us and that it truly was.

Eddie, New York

These events bring together BCR fans from all around the globe. Many friends for life have been made all through the love of the BCRs and its founding Longmuir brothers. It allows us to continue our love for the music and friendships on a regular basis. The events are painstaking for the people involved but they continue to do so to the highest standards possible.

Jan, UK

There is nothing like this events, group on the planet for the many bcr fans out there wanting to unite with each other.

Carole, UK

To see my wife's reaction to everything from the "goody bag", to meeting Alan's family and the general camaraderie of the event. It is probably something I will never forget.  We have attended the Atlantic City Event, the 2022 Parade and the event for Alan- all wonderfully done. My wife looked at me at one point during the memorial and said " I have found my tribe"  I think that is what the  BCRFE/Girls Gone Plaid is all about. We look forward to all future events.

Don, Massachusetts

The quality of the events that are put on by the Bay City Rollers Fan Events are phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoy myself at every event. I know my money is being used wisely and at the best affordability available. The merchandise we purchase through the the Bay City Rollers Fan Events is of the best quality for which our money is spent.

Dawn, Ohio

BCR Fan events work extremely hard to put on events that bring fans together
like no one else can.  I've only attended the tartan day parade and as soon as it was over I wanted to sign up for 2023 parade. The people i met were wonderful, we were all one big family there for only one reason...our never-ending love of the
Bay City Rollers, no matter who your favorite was it didn't matter. The parade
weekend gave me chance to finally meet the girls i chat with the rockin replay
rollerettes. KOR


The organizers at BCR Fan events are very professional and experienced in what they do! Many events have been attended by hundreds of people and sold out! They are produced with the Fan experience being the most important thing!

Nicolina, Pennsylvania

I have nothing but praise for the ladies who organized our participation in the Tartan Day Parade! Everything was well organized, and it was an indescribable feeling to meet BCR fans from all over. I will always have the amazing memory of marching down 6th avenue and greeting the crowds, many of whom broke into song when they saw us.

Catherine, USA






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