Bay City Rollers Fan Events are internationally fan-driven, fan-funded and fan-produced events that celebrate the 70's Scottish boy band, The Bay City Rollers and the life long friendships that have resulted and endured for nearly 50 years!  
Yep.. We are "Still Rollin" and #WeRollTogether
Below is video of Classic 5 member, Eric Faulkner paying tribute to founding member, Alan Longmuir

Disclaimer: This page is not officially affiliated with the Bay City Rollers. Please note, that Bay City Rollers Fan Events as a whole and all of the fan events they produce and will continue to produce, have the expressed support of 4 of the 5 "Classic Five" band members (including 2 spouses of members who have passed).  This group is NOT affiliated nor supported in any way by the version of the band that presently goes by The New Generation Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers Fan Events is grateful for the previous and ongoing support received from:  Derek Longmuir, Eileen Longmuir, Eric Faulkner and Duncan Faure.